My son was ashamed of me and said: ’I don’t want people to think we came together,’ so I repaid him in the same manner

Adolescence, often characterized by emotional turmoil, disobedience, and the desire for independence, presents unique challenges for both teenagers and their parents. The transition from childhood to adulthood is marked by growth, self-discovery, and inevitable conflict. However, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, parents have the opportunity to instill tolerance, understanding, and encouragement.

Teenagers’ quest for autonomy and independence can unfortunately lead to disagreements with their parents. Most parents strive to balance offering independence with maintaining authority. In this delicate relationship, parents must learn when to relinquish control and when to provide guidance while preserving open communication.

One mother shared an experience where her son felt embarrassed by her and her husband. He didn’t want to be seen with them, asking to be dropped off a block away from his destination so his friends wouldn’t see him being driven by his parents.

In an attempt to teach him a lesson, the mother decided to mimic his behavior. She recounted, “My 14-year-old son started being ashamed of my husband and me about two years ago. We thought this phase would pass, but it has only worsened. We’re just regular people, but he treats us like we’re weirdos.

“He tells us things like, ‘Don’t come to my games,’ ‘Don’t drop me off right out front,’ and ‘I’ll go ahead at the mall so people don’t think we came together.’ He’s great when we buy him things or do what he wants, but lately, he’s been treating us poorly.

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