On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Tim Conway makes his co-stars break character for 5 minutes straight…

The Carol Burnett Show always delivered plenty of laughs! In this hilarious clip, the studio audience erupts with laughter as Tim Conway takes improvisation to a whole new level.

Conway’s fellow cast members struggle to contain their laughter as he spins a sidesplitting tale about a circus elephant. Carol Burnett can’t help but bury her head in her hands, while Vicki Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke try to stifle their giggles.

Playing the character Mickey Hart in a game of ‘Password,’ Conway’s Mickey can’t resist sharing the absurd story of the elephant he heard about in the circus.

As Conway improvises the tale, describing the unlikely romance between the elephant and its trainer and even their burial together, the other actors are in stitches, shaking and attempting to hide their faces while trying to regain their composure.

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