A lively debate has ignited over Planet Fitness, prompted by a viral video involving a disgruntled member.

In Alaska, a photo surfaced of a transgender woman in the women’s locker room at the Fairbanks location, stirring controversy. The uploader criticized Planet Fitness for permitting individuals perceived as ‘men’ into a space traditionally designated for cisgender women.

The original image captured the transgender woman shaving at a sink in the locker room, prompting a viral response from the uploader expressing outrage. Subsequently, Planet Fitness revoked the uploader’s membership, reaffirming its policy allowing individuals to use locker rooms based on their gender identity while warning against bad faith behavior.

However, more photos of the transgender woman using the locker room circulated, prompting calls from conservative groups to boycott Planet Fitness nationwide.

The fallout has been significant, with Planet Fitness’s stock price plummeting from $66 to approximately $56 in just 12 days, and its market value dropping by around $400 million from $5.3 billion to about $4.9 billion in five days.

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