Pregnant Wife Sees Best Friend’s Message on Husband’s Phone: ‘You Haven’t Told Her about Us?’

A Reddit user shared a heart-wrenching story about discovering her husband had cheated with her best friend while she was six months pregnant. Her in-laws took her side during this difficult time.

The woman, who began dating her husband when she was 19 and he was 22, had been married for six years and was expecting their third child. During her pregnancy, she also faced the devastating news that her father, her only remaining parent, had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.

Her husband was a pillar of support during her father’s illness. He was attentive and caring towards her and their children. Despite her challenges, she remained a dedicated mother and wife. Her best friend since childhood also supported her through her father’s illness.

One morning, while attending to her sick three-year-old, she discovered a text from her best friend on her husband’s phone, revealing their affair. She read through their messages and learned the affair had been ongoing for four months.

Unsure of how to proceed, she initially pretended nothing had happened. She continued her daily routines and kept her children unaware of the situation. Eventually, she decided to confront her husband and best friend.

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