Remain resilient. We are praying for Justin Bieber and his family at this difficult time.

After a reported shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, Justin Bieber expressed his sorrow over the passing of Chris King, a friend in the music industry.

Chris, who rose to fame with the help of fellow musician Trippie Redd, shared a heartfelt moment with Justin, captured in a video posted on Justin’s Instagram Stories. “I love you, bro,” Justin wrote alongside the picture.

Justin urged his followers to pray for Chris’s family, saying, “This one aches. See you in paradise, brother.”

Trippie Redd also shared his grief on Instagram, posting photos of Chris and Justin. “I’m so hurt right now I can’t even think,” he sobbed. “I love you, buddy. Please come back,” he added, along with emojis depicting shattered hearts.

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