Remember Her From Storage Wars? Here’s How She Ended Up

From international male escorts to treasure hunters on A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars,” the careers of the stars have been as varied as the hidden gems they’ve uncovered in abandoned storage units. Since its debut in 2010, “Storage Wars” has captivated audiences with 15 seasons of high stakes, drama, and the occasional comedic relief, keeping fans glued to their screens as they watched ordinary people discover extraordinary treasures.

As the series concluded, fans have often wondered about the fate of their favorite characters. Did they continue their quest for hidden treasures, or did life take them on different paths?

Brandy Passante, known for her sharp eye and quick wit, didn’t disappear from the public eye after the series ended. Despite personal challenges, including domestic violence and battling Hashimoto’s disease, Brandy has continued to engage her followers through social media and her work on “The Happening Now with Hammer” podcast, where she shines as a co-host.

Barry Weiss, the beloved “Collector,” left the series to explore new adventures, including his own spin-off, “Barry’d Treasure.” However, his journey took a scary turn in 2019 when he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Fortunately, Barry recovered and has since enjoyed a leisurely retirement funded by his previous endeavors, occasionally returning to “Storage Wars” to the delight of fans.

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