Rude Clerk Mocks Poorly Dressed Lady in Luxury Bridal Shop, Soon Learns She’s Marrying a Millionaire — Karma Story

Betty was on the hunt for a wedding dress at a luxury bridal shop. However, she faced prejudice from one of the employees due to her appearance. Using her generosity, Betty taught him an important lesson in humility.

Mike, an employee at the luxury bridal shop, prided himself on his materialistic values. One day, an elderly woman named Betty walked into the store. She didn’t fit the typical profile of their customers, with outdated clothes and an unkempt hairstyle. Despite her appearance, Betty was there to find a dress for her upcoming wedding.

Mike, judging her appearance, muttered derogatory comments to his colleague, Cassey, and continued to ignore Betty. When Betty approached him for help, he rudely suggested she try a thrift store instead. Disappointed but not deterred, Betty asked for respect, but Mike continued to dismiss her.

A young, fashionable customer entered the store, and Mike immediately sprang to assist her, leaving Betty feeling overlooked. Cassey, noticing Betty’s discomfort, stepped in to help her find a wedding dress. Betty ended up choosing one of the most expensive dresses in the store.

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