She Bought Her Fiancé A PS5 For Christmas And Lost It When She Saw His Gift

When you pour your heart into giving someone everything you can, only to receive very little in return, it can be incredibly disheartening. Even if the intention to make up for it later is there, the hurt remains.

One woman experienced this firsthand when she saved up to give her fiancé a PS5. These gaming systems were scarce, and she went to great lengths to ensure he received the gift.

However, when she received her own gift, she was deeply disappointed. Her fiancé, busy with his own affairs, gave her a trivial present in front of his family, who didn’t empathize with her disappointment. Feeling hurt and confused, she sought validation on Reddit.

In her post, she detailed how she, a hairstylist, had scrimped and saved for months to buy her fiancé, a pediatrician, the coveted PS5. Despite his improved financial situation, he hadn’t bothered to purchase one for himself. Yet, he generously gifted his parents his old apartment and his brother his old customized Mercedes. As Christmas approached, he didn’t inquire about her desires, but when prompted, seemed to understand.

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