She Bought the Brady Bunch House, the Price Will Shock You

In a world where nostalgia reigns supreme, there’s one home that stands as a testament to the enduring power of television and the American Dream. The iconic Brady Bunch house, immortalized on screens both big and small, recently changed hands in a sale that garnered attention across the entertainment world.

Located in Studio City, California, this split-level ranch gained fame as the exterior backdrop for the beloved 1970s sitcom, “The Brady Bunch.” For decades, it symbolized the quintessential American home, second only to the White House in its fame.

When acquired by HGTV in 2018, fans eagerly awaited its restoration to its former television glory. The network embarked on an ambitious renovation project, aiming to replicate the iconic set of the show. However, despite their efforts, the house proved challenging to sell in the open market, eventually fetching $3.2 million from Tina Tran, a Chicago native and historic home enthusiast.

Tran’s purchase, though lower than HGTV’s original asking price, represents a commitment to preserving cultural heritage over financial gain. She views the Brady Bunch house not just as a property but as a piece of art, to be cherished and shared with fellow fans for generations to come.

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