“She Was The Love Of My Life” At 74, Sam Elliot Confesses The Rumor Of Decades

I’m guessing you did not wake up early to see if you were nominated. I turned my phone off at night, actually, right now I don’t even know what day that was.

Hollywood romances aren’t usually known for their length, and now the iconic Sam Elliot is revealing the love of his life. From the controversies surrounding his illustrious 50-year career to his mesmerizing deep voice and good looks, Sam, who is the unmistakable voice of Mayor Wild West in the infamous TV series Family Guy, has kept his place at the top of the acting profession.

In Gossip Mill, what’s a career this long without a few rumors to go along with it? For decades, Sam has managed to keep his lips sealed about any of the stories going around about him. However, at age 79, he’s finally ready to spill the beans about who the true love of his life is. So, sit back as we’re about to get right into all there is to know about the one true love of Sam Elliot’s life.

Childhood and Career
Before we unwrap the juicy parts of Sam Elliot’s life, let’s begin with his childhood, which was an integral part of his career. He was born in 1944 in Sacramento, California, but grew up in Oregon, where he had the chance to explore the outdoors and immerse himself in as many movies as he could.

It therefore wasn’t surprising that as soon as he turned nine, he’d made up his mind to pursue a career in acting. Because he was still just a boy and even though he seemed rather pleased with his decision, his father was very skeptical and didn’t approve of his dream to become an actor.

His father, who worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, possibly thought this was just a phase his son would pass through. But up until the day he died when Sam was just 18 years old, he was surprised to see that his son was still convinced he was going to be an actor. Unfortunately, this disagreement led to the beginning of a rift that the duo would never get the chance to resolve, as the senior Elliot passed away abruptly from a heart attack.

In a later interview, Sam shared that his father died thinking he was going to go down the wrong path. Without being discouraged, he was determined to make his father see that he had potential, and on some levels, it either made him sad or just gave him more reasons to focus on his resolve to have a successful acting career. Still, it’s one thing to have an acting career, and it’s another to be successful at it.

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