Dating can be an amusing adventure filled with laughter and the prospect of meeting someone special. Yet, seasoned daters understand that not every encounter concludes with a romantic tale. In fact, some outings can be so cringe-worthy that the only desire is to make a swift exit.

Let’s explore some comical and unexpected mishaps that have unfolded during dates:

1.Relief at Last

On Reddit, a woman shared her dreadful date experience. Throughout their conversation, her date monopolized the discussion with complaints about his life, leaving her with no opportunity to engage. Feeling frustrated, she excused herself to the restroom but opted to drive home instead. At the restaurant, his behavior didn’t improve; he boasted about his homeland while clumsily spilling juice on himself and berating the staff. His aspirations to be a boss who fires employees further soured the evening. When the bill arrived, he erupted in anger when she suggested splitting it, prompting her to leave money and walk away. Despite her efforts to avoid confrontation, he attempted to force himself on her at her doorstep, resulting in a swift dismissal. She later shared her ordeal with his family, leading to severed ties.

2.Making a Swift Exit

Another Reddit user recounted a date at a fancy restaurant where their companion remained glued to their phone, fielding calls and texts throughout. The observant waitress discreetly presented separate bills, allowing the user to settle their portion before discreetly departing.

3.A Kiss for Two

An Air Force serviceman embarked on a peculiar date arranged by a friend. During a movie outing, his date introduced a large stuffed rabbit named Pebbles. Following the movie, they visited the date’s cousin, where the unusual request arose for him to kiss both her and Pebbles to alleviate Pebbles’ supposed jealousy. Despite the oddity, he obliged.

4.Throwing in the Towel

Set up on a blind date by a friend, a man was taken aback when his date bore little resemblance to her online photos. Matters worsened when she brought him to a movie with her parents and younger brother, whose incessant kicking of his seat prompted his premature departure.

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