Starbucks Employee Writes Inappropriate Word On Cop’s Cup, This Is How They Respond

In a recent and deeply troubling incident, an Oklahoma police officer found himself at the center of an unsettling situation while trying to do a good deed. Chief Johnny Oma, a dedicated officer, had ordered drinks for his hardworking dispatchers at a local Starbucks.

However, upon receiving the order, he was shocked to discover that the coffee cups were labeled with the derogatory term “Pig” instead of his name.

Understandably, Chief Oma was profoundly disappointed and appalled by the lack of respect shown to law enforcement in this instance. His immediate reaction was to share his dismay on social media, where he emphasized the unacceptability of such behavior towards officers who serve and protect their communities.

The incident quickly gained widespread attention, prompting Starbucks’ corporate office to respond swiftly. The company issued a formal apology to Chief Oma and launched a thorough internal investigation into the matter. As a result, the employee responsible for the offensive label was suspended and eventually terminated.

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