Taylor Swift isn’t just renowned for her musical talent and romantic escapades; her devoted fan base, known as Swifties, also admires her enchanting makeup looks. Since her debut single, “Tim McGraw,” hit the Billboard charts in 2006, the songstress has showcased an array of makeup styles, from sultry smokey eyes to razor-sharp cat eyes. But have you ever wondered what Taylor Swift looks like without makeup?

Despite her seemingly flawless appearance, the celebrity has openly confessed to a relatable yet not-so-great habit of occasionally forgetting to remove her makeup. “Sometimes I forget to wash off my makeup. Okay—almost all the time,” Swift admitted. Nonetheless, the pop star is just as stunning without makeup as when she graces TV screens and stages at her sold-out concerts.

Tied together with a smile

On January 22, 2019, Taylor Swift shared a casual selfie adorned in a denim jacket, sporting adorable dirty blond bangs, and seemingly devoid of makeup. Grinning beside her “Cats” character name, Bombalurina, she fittingly captioned the post, “Meow.” Even without makeup, the celebrity exhibited bright eyes, clear skin, and full lips. With raised eyebrows and a somewhat mischievous smirk, this selfie exudes a playful vibe, accentuated by the absence of makeup.

But what can we say? You’re gorgeous

On October 24, 2022, Taylor Swift proved that makeup is not essential for capturing a captivating photograph, especially when announcing the release of her latest album. Without makeup, the musician appeared naturally beautiful with her hair styled in a braided bun as she gazed into the distance, dressed in a fairytale-inspired ensemble.

The promotional post’s caption added, “Midnight, what a storied and fabled hour… On this sparkling evening, I’ll be releasing my twist on a fairytale we all know.” This picture not only reaffirmed Swift’s beauty without makeup but also hinted at her internal and external brilliance, considering the success of her “Midnights” album.

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