Teen Wakes In Agony During Sleepover, Notices Bad Burns On His Neck Let’s See Why

Most of us have fond memories of attending sleepovers at our friends’ houses as kids. However, Arkansas teenager Nicholas Conrad lived through a real-life nightmare at a sleepover he went to. The teen boy awoke in agony in the middle of the night, only to realize the cause of his pain was something horrifying.

Nicholas was at a sleepover with six of his friends when they attempted the dangerous “hot water challenge” on him while he was asleep. “I felt this really bad burning on my neck, and when I woke up, I started screaming and crying,” Nicholas recalled. First and second-degree burns now cover the majority of his neck. “It was the worst pain of my life,” the teen recounted.

The hot water challenge is a dangerous trend that kids are trying in their incessant effort to be cool, but it’s leaving many of them hurt. In one case, the cruel challenge claimed the life of an 8-year-old girl in Florida and left nasty burns on other kids across the country.

Nicholas’s mom, Mickey Conrad, said she’s still in shock. “I thought he had been in an accident and that it had been an accident, but when I found out it was deliberate, it’s so concerning,” she said. She’s now urging other parents to warn their kids of the dangers of recreating challenges found on the internet.

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