Henry always found himself caught in the crossfire of the ongoing feud between his wife, Candace, and her parents. After fifteen tumultuous years, he finally decides to confront the situation head-on, uncovering the startling truth behind the family rift.

Understanding the intricate dynamics at play, Henry stood steadfastly by Candace when she opted to sever ties with her family. However, as time passed, she remained tight-lipped about the reasons underlying her choice.

Their son, Lucas, often expressed his yearning to spend time with his grandparents. Despite Candace forbidding him from visiting them, Lucas held his grandparents in high regard, cherishing the moments they assisted him with his studies.

“I’ll handle it,” Henry reassured Lucas. “I understand.”

One day, after dropping Lucas off at his grandparents’ house, Henry returned home to find Candace preparing waffles. It was then she confessed, “I didn’t want you to take him.”

“Candace, Lucas means the world to your parents. I fail to see why he shouldn’t spend time with them. Just because you have issues with them doesn’t mean he should miss out,” Henry reasoned.

Candace met his gaze with her piercing blue eyes, her words leaving Henry perplexed and speechless, “They mean nothing to me.”

Henry couldn’t comprehend what had transpired. During Candace’s pregnancy, her parents had been a constant presence, offering unwavering support. They had even stayed with them for a week leading up to Lucas’s birth, forming a close-knit bond.

But everything changed after Candace gave birth.

Desperate for a grandson to carry forward their businesses and legacy, Candace’s parents orchestrated a switch, substituting Lucas for their biological daughter. They dismissed the nurse and ensured all traces of the switch were concealed, save for a handwritten note that vanished without a trace.

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