The State Tells Her To Return “Inappropriate” License Plate After 15 Years

Expressing ourselves takes many forms, and for some, it means investing in a personalized license plate to showcase our thoughts to the world.

While personalized plates may come with a higher price tag, many find them to be a worthwhile investment. Crafting a message in just a few characters can turn a standard license plate into a unique statement piece.

However, there are limitations to what can be displayed. The DMV or state authorities may reject messages they deem offensive or inappropriate, despite the guarantee of free speech.

Recently, Wendy Auger received notice that her vanity plate, which had adorned her car for 15 years with the simple message ‘PB4WEGO,’ was being recalled by the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles. The reason? The inclusion of the word “pee,” deemed inappropriate by state standards.

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