There are as many as thirteen children in this family, all lined up in a row. Now look at the car…

Back in the day, having a large number of children was the norm, unlike today where it’s quite rare.

Even having one or two children poses its challenges.

Most families nowadays have 1-3 children, reminiscent of the days when our grandparents grew up in households with 6-10 kids!

In the 1920s, a family living in Boston, USA, caught the attention of local photographer Leslie Jones of the Boston Herald-Traveler magazine.

This family consisted of a mother, father, 10 girls, 2 boys, and a baby, whose gender is difficult to discern from the photo.

The older children were already teenagers when these photos were taken, while the youngest, judging by the picture, was around four years old (excluding the baby in the mother’s arms).

With so many kids, they must have had a lot of chores, learned to share, and worn hand-me-downs. But it seems they managed to establish a harmonious life in their own little world.

Mom and dad were likely proud of their large brood.

Just imagine the effort it took to polish all those shoes! Like any other family, they had their own system for everything.

For instance, they only had one car, but they found a way to fit everyone in.

Hopefully, they only drove like this for short distances, as it wasn’t the safest arrangement. Though, times were different, and cars weren’t as fast.

Of course, there was no mention of car seats for children back then!

They may have been crazy about the car, but not so much about sharing an umbrella!

But they made it work as best as they could!

It’s heartwarming to look at photos like these, as they capture the unique atmosphere of family life.

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