This Photo Is Not Edited, Look Closer At The Pretty Woman Blooper

You don’t sleep, you don’t do drugs, you don’t drink, you hardly eat. There are four other chairs here. Oh, there’s nobody who loved movies in the ’90s who didn’t get all in their feels after seeing Pretty Woman. So much so that to date, it’s still one of the most iconic films of all time. The unique twist on the classic Cinderella story captivated us all, thanks to Richard Gere and Julia Roberts’s amazing performances.

But if there’s anything more fun for movie lovers than falling in love with onscreen characters, it is definitely getting a peek behind the scenes. Movie bloopers and candid shots offer the most unique, raw, and exciting parts of a movie for most, and Pretty Woman is definitely a great example of this.

From Richard’s quick thinking to Julia’s incredible laughter, we’re about to bring you some of the most interesting behind-the-scenes secrets from the iconic ’90s classic Pretty Woman.

Hair dye, Photoshop, and a brown dress with polka dots: the movie offers a very interesting spin on what we’re used to seeing in the rom-com genre. It follows the journey of Vivian, a young woman working as an escort after she’s employed by Edward, a businessman who needs a partner to attend events with. The two eventually hit it off and begin a relationship, but their different lives threaten to pull them apart. In the end, they realize their love conquers all and finally decide to be together.

Vivian’s wardrobe choices were an absolute hit in this movie. From the blue and white cutout mini dress she sports in the film to the classic red dress, she turned heads wherever she went. However, the iconic scene where Edward takes Vivian to see a polo game for the first time is one of the most loved by fans of the film. And no, it’s not because that many people adore polo; it’s more so because of the brown and white polka-dotted dress Vivian wears in the scene.

Vivian’s milk chocolate belted dress covered in white polka dots appeared to be Pretty Woman’s idea of fashion that would fit in seamlessly with high society. But to date, it’s still considered one of the best fashion choices both in film and real life. In fact, the dress was sold out within days of the film’s premiere, with many women wanting to replicate the iconic moment. Talk about an old-school influencer!

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