Trash collector became full-time nanny after babysitting my kids for 25 minutes

After entrusting my children to the garbage collector for 25 minutes, I made the decision to hire him as a full-time nanny.

Dr. Sanders faced a challenging dilemma when she received an urgent call from the hospital while on her day off, struggling to find childcare for her three young children.

“Can’t Dr. Morris come?” she asked Nurse Carey, already hurriedly changing her clothes, seeking a solution to her predicament.

“No, Dr. Sanders. Dr. Morris is en route from out of state. You’re nearby, so I thought I’d ask. The interns are clueless. I know it’s your day off, but I didn’t know who else to call. Can you make it?” Nurse Carey inquired, masking her concern.

Dr. Sanders reached out to her sister and Vicky, their occasional babysitter, but both were unavailable.

Following her husband Peter’s passing, Dr. Sanders found herself raising Johnny, 9, Christie, 7, and Lucy, alone.

Typically, she relied on expensive daycare when she worked regular hours, but that option wasn’t feasible that Friday afternoon.

Amidst the chaos, Dr. Sanders heard her children exclaiming “Uncle Bob!” as they rushed outside. Though they lacked an uncle, their fondness for the friendly garbage collector, Bob, was evident.

Observing Bob interact with her children, Dr. Sanders hatched a plan. Approaching him, she made a bold request.

“Bob, I know this is unconventional, but could you watch my kids for 25 minutes? I have an urgent matter at the hospital and no one else to turn to,” she implored.

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