Try using this different fertilizer

The farmer decided to try a unique method for planting tomato seeds by filling the hole he dug with a banana and an egg. Despite the initial strangeness of the process, the results were remarkable. Within several days of planting, the first signs of success began to emerge. This unconventional planting technique offers numerous advantages.

The video showcasing the man’s use of an egg and banana for planting gained significant attention online, garnering nearly 1.2 million views worldwide. Since its release, the video has sparked widespread curiosity as viewers attempt to decipher the farmer’s motives.

While some speculate that he was merely experimenting out of curiosity, others suggest he may have been attempting to create a new twist on the classic banana and egg sandwich.

In the images, the man is seen fertilizing his vegetables in an unconventional manner. He digs a hole in the ground and places an uncooked egg and a banana inside before covering them with soil and planting tomato seedlings on top. This method has resulted in larger and more robust vegetable growth.

As the egg and banana decompose, they release essential nutrients that vegetable seeds require for growth, serving as a natural fertilizer alternative to chemical options.

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