Residents of Oklahoma were startled when they found mysterious hard, sac-like “eggs” hanging from tree roots at the lake. Many jumped to alien-related conclusions, but scientists quickly reassured them that these were ancient creatures.

These organisms have found an ideal environment and are likely to be around throughout the summer.

Locals in Oklahoma discovered large, jelly-like sacs with hard exteriors hanging from tree roots and immediately thought they were extraterrestrial or ominous. However, scientists explained that the locals had the rare opportunity to see the reproductive system of ancient animals that predate the dinosaurs.

As soon as the locals posted pictures online, viewers speculated about the extraterrestrial-looking eggs. But scientists clarified that these creatures are bryozoans, which have existed for hundreds of millions of years, long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. In fact, these animals are beneficial for the lake.

Bryozoans are composed of hundreds of tiny organisms.

Officials reassured the public that these creatures are natural and beneficial for the ecosystem.

Bryozoans clone themselves into large masses to filter particles from the water for food, effectively cleaning the lake. They typically reside in ponds and lakes, and this particular discovery was made in McGee Creek Reservoir, located on the southwest edge of the Ouachita Mountain Range.

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