Wisconsin Dairy Queen Puts Up ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign, Owner Stands By His Decision

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in September 2017.

When a viral Facebook post drew nationwide attention to a Dairy Queen franchise in Kewaskum, Wisconsin last year, it sparked debate around respectfully upholding values amiddeep ideological divides. The restaurant displayed a prominent window sign declaring itself “politically incorrect” and affirming the right-leaning views of the owner and staff. The sign proclaimed their support for wishing “Merry Christmas,” saluting the flag, thanking the troops, and offering free sundaes to veterans.

According to owner Kevin Scheunemann, the intent was to transparently convey the perspectives held by him and his employees regarding patriotism and faith. However, when an Oregon woman posted a photo of the sign online questioning its divisive message, it quickly went viral. Though the original post was eventually removed, the heated discussion revealed tension around conflicting belief systems in society.


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