Woman Asks To Use Veteran’s Bathroom, Camera Catches Her Doing Something Awkward

Navy Veteran’s Kindness Betrayed by Thieving Guest

A 94-year-old Navy veteran named Thomas Hendrick experienced a shocking betrayal when a family visiting his home took advantage of his kindness. Hendrick, who was showing the family around his house, allowed the mother to use the restroom. Unbeknownst to her, a security camera captured her true intentions.

The surveillance footage, reported by Inside Edition, shows the woman rifling through Hendrick’s wallet and taking money. The discovery was made by Neil Deo, Hendrick’s caretaker of 10 years, who reviewed the footage after sensing something was amiss.

Deo was alarmed by the footage, noting how brazen the act was despite visible security cameras. “It kind of scared me that I’ve got security cameras all over the property that you can see and they still came right in. That’s what scares me about the whole situation,” Deo told WIIS TV. As the story gained national attention, a woman named Heather Welden identified herself on Facebook as the woman in the video, claiming it was a misunderstanding. However, social media users were not convinced, criticizing her actions and calling for justice.

Comments on social media were harsh and unforgiving. One user remarked, “This makes me so angry. Not sure how this could be a misunderstanding, it looks straightforward to me. Hope she does some jail time along with her husband.” Another user pointed out the deceit, saying, “Her blatant trying to be Spanish is really quite irritating, why is it okay? Why does she keep trying?”

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