Woman Pulls Paralyzed Man From Burning Car, Later Gets A Shocking Call

In a heart-stopping moment of bravery, a beautiful stranger risked her life to save Dennis Brown, a 58-year-old Dallas resident who was trapped in a burning car. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down since a tragic incident at the age of 22, Brown has never let his disability slow him down.

The incident occurred after Brown rented a car equipped with a hand control device from Enterprise. While driving, he noticed a strange odor and moments later, the car burst into flames, trapping him inside.

Tammy Arrington, 42, who was helping a friend move nearby, saw the blaze and, despite believing the car to be empty, felt compelled to investigate.

To her surprise, she saw movement inside the car and realized someone was trapped. Without hesitation, Arrington rushed to the car, opened the door, and urged Brown to flee. When she learned he was paralyzed, she knew she had to act quickly.

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