A woman recounted on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit that her sister, who had just moved to her town, invited her to dinner at an upscale restaurant they both enjoyed. The dinner for two typically costs between $200-$250, so it wasn’t a place they visited often.

Her sister called and suggested they dine there, despite the woman cautioning her about the high prices. Agreeing, as they hadn’t visited in a while, they enjoyed their meal. However, at the end of the dinner, her sister excused herself to use the bathroom and didn’t return. Soon, her sister’s boyfriend also disappeared. After some time, neither had returned, and upon checking, they were nowhere to be found. She then received a text from her sister thanking her for the dinner.

Confused, she texted her sister to clarify who was paying the bill. With no clear response and after warning her sister, she informed the restaurant management of the situation and provided her sister’s details, saying she would involve the police if the bill wasn’t settled.

The next day, her sister contacted her, upset because the restaurant had been calling her about the unpaid bill and threatened to involve the police. Her sister assumed that she would cover the bill as she had in the past for smaller meals. However, this situation was different—it involved both their partners and was at a much pricier venue. She reminded her sister that she had the choice of a less expensive restaurant but insisted on this particular one.

Her sister argued that she assumed the bill would be paid by her, but once separate checks were requested, she chose to leave. The woman advised her sister to settle her bill with the restaurant to avoid legal consequences. Despite family pressure to just pay the bill, the woman refused, stating her sister should take responsibility for her actions.

The woman ended her story by questioning if she was wrong for not paying the bill and potentially allowing the restaurant to call the police on her sister, declaring she would never pay for her sister’s expenses again.

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