76-Year-Old Style Influencer Defies Age Stereotypes

76-Year-Old Fashion Icon Candace Cima Challenges Ageist Fashion Norms

Age is just a number, and 76-year-old fashion influencer Candace Cima embodies this truth. Recently, she faced criticism after posting a photo of herself in a sleeveless midi dress. While many admired her style, others criticized her outfit choice.

As a grandmother of 11, Cima is determined to challenge outdated fashion norms for older women. “This isn’t the first time I’ve faced criticism, but this one caught me off guard,” Cima told TODAY. “It’s time to rethink how we view age. We shouldn’t be bound by outdated rules in a modern world.”

The controversial photo featured Cima in a brown knit sleeveless dress with a sweater. While some praised her look, others took to Facebook to criticize it, with comments like, “From the side and back, this dress does nothing for you” and “Too old to be showing all that skin.”

Undeterred by the negativity, Cima responded with confidence. “Having wrinkles at 76 is perfectly natural, and I’m not ashamed of it,” she said. “Sometimes I want to ask, ‘Should I cover my face too because of my wrinkles?’”

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