Couple Divorces after 56 Years of Marriage Because Man Thinks They Are Too Old for Romance – Story of the Day

Erin and Mike married at 20, enjoying a loving and happy marriage. But at 76, Mike felt too old for romance, especially since it was one-sided. Heartbroken, Erin asked for a divorce, but an unexpected event changed everything.

One day, Erin asked, “Why don’t you bring me flowers anymore?” Mike replied, “Erin, you won’t suffer if I don’t bring flowers every day.” After 56 years, Mike had stopped being romantic, which had made their relationship admired by others. Erin, feeling upset, asked, “Is something wrong?” Mike responded, “I’ve been doing this for decades, and I stop for a while, and you think something is wrong? Are you serious?”

“DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?” Erin shouted. Mike stood up and said, “Maybe I’m tired of being the only one making romantic gestures! For 56 years, I did everything, and you gave nothing back!” Shocked, Erin watched as Mike went for a walk to cool down.

Reflecting on their marriage, Erin realized Mike wasn’t entirely wrong. She had never initiated dates or bought him gifts, relying on traditional roles as an excuse. Determined to change, Erin asked Mike on a date and offered to pay, but he refused, still upset. Despite her efforts, Mike remained distant, rejecting her gestures and growing angrier each time.

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