Am I Wrong for Calling Out My Wife for Firing Our Teenage Babysitter?

On an ordinary day, a father found himself embroiled in a family crisis sparked by their teenage babysitter, Daisy. Returning home early, he was met with a heated argument between his wife and Daisy, who was visibly distraught, while their children were upset by the commotion. Seeking clarity, the father turned to Reddit for advice after supporting Daisy, which strained his marital relationship.

The confrontation began when Daisy, who had been babysitting the children for years, was tasked with extra duties due to the daycare’s temporary closure. Arriving home earlier than expected, the father encountered his wife scolding Daisy over a 911 call she had made, which escalated to denying Daisy her pay and ordering her to leave.

Daisy had made the call out of concern for the youngest child who had a breath-holding spell—a condition not communicated to her, leading her to fear for the child’s safety. This lack of information caused Daisy to panic and call for emergency help, a decision that the mother viewed as an overreaction and financially burdensome.

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