A mother gains online attention for the shirt she compelled her son to wear to school.

A Texas mother took a controversial approach to discipline after learning her son was bullying other students at school. School administrators informed her that her son was calling classmates “idiots” and “stupid.” In response, she had him wear a T-shirt to Greenleaf Elementary School that read, “I am a BULLY,” intending to highlight his behavior to the community.

The mother, known as Star, wanted to affirm to the school community that she acknowledged her son’s hurtful behavior. She also shared a photo of him in the T-shirt on her Facebook to reach out to the parents of the children he had bullied, hoping it would lead to personal apologies from her son.

Star, who described herself as an “old-school” parent, faced mixed reactions online. Some supported her unique approach to accountability, while others criticized it as too harsh. She defended her decision, sharing that her son learned a valuable lesson about how his actions made others feel, which was her goal.

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