A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

The trend of utilizing non-traditional materials for home building, such as buses, tiny houses, and shipping containers, is increasingly popular. These unique and affordable alternatives not only provide comfort but also allow for extensive customization.

A pioneer of this trend was Jo Ann Ussery, who transformed an old Boeing 727 into a stunning and fully functional home after her original home in Benoit, Mississippi was destroyed in 1993.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Ussery’s journey into alternative housing began after the sudden death of her husband, leaving her and her two children in need of a new place to live. Facing financial difficulties, she initially considered buying a trailer. However, she soon realized that it wouldn’t suffice for her growing family. Then, inspired by her father-in-law Bob, an air traffic controller, Ussery embraced the unconventional idea of converting an airplane into a home.

She visited a disassembled Boeing 727 and was instantly enamored. The cost, including shipping, was just $2,000. Drawing inspiration from Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 727, she named her new home “Little Trump.”

With a budget of $30,000 (about $60,000 in today’s dollars), Ussery embarked on the ambitious project of converting the aircraft. She ensured its stability by strategically positioning it on her property with its nose overlooking a picturesque lake, securing the tail with concrete. Ussery then gutted the 1,500 square foot interior to start from scratch.

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