Karma Catches Up With Rude Mom And Obnoxious Kid At Burger King

At a Burger King, a customer enduring a bad day was hoping for a quick meal but faced a headache-inducing situation instead. Behind him in line, a young boy was yelling and screaming, much to the dismay of those around. The boy’s mother, occupied on her phone, seemed oblivious to her child’s disruptive behavior.

The child was not only loud but also physically aggressive, hitting his mother and tossing his video game whenever upset. After about five minutes of enduring the chaos, the frustrated customer asked the mother to calm her child. However, she reacted defensively, accusing the customer of interfering with her parenting.

As the situation escalated, the boy expressed a desire for a pie, to which his mother soothingly promised to buy one, calling him ‘sweetie’. When the customer finally reached the counter, still ruminating over the stressful encounter which worsened his migraine, he made a snap decision. In a move of retaliation, he ordered every pie Burger King had, totaling 23, ensuring the boy would not get his desired treat.

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