An Officer Tries To Be Smart With The Rabbi

Excited for his first assignment, he approached his task with diligence when he was assigned to audit a local religious institution.

Reviewing the financial records and taxes was a straightforward process, and he noted the organization’s careful financial management. Seeking to engage in friendly conversation, he asked the Rabbi about some of the institution’s purchasing habits.

“Rabbi,” he inquired, “I noticed there are frequent purchases of candles. What purpose do they serve?”

The Rabbi replied, “Ah, those candles are essential for our ceremonies and rituals.”

“Interesting,” the auditor nodded, making a note.

Continuing with his inquiries, he asked about the institution’s purchases of cookies. “Rabbi, I see a significant expenditure on cookies. How are they utilized?”

With a smile, the Rabbi explained, “Those cookies are often served during gatherings and events to foster a sense of community.”

“Ah, I see,” the auditor remarked, jotting down the explanation.

As their conversation progressed, he brought up the topic of circumcisions, but approached it delicately. “Rabbi, I’m curious about the procedures involved in your religious practices, particularly regarding circumcisions.”

The Rabbi responded respectfully, “Circumcision is an important tradition in our faith, symbolizing our covenant with God.”

“I appreciate your explanation,” the auditor said, making a final note.

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