At 92, Angie Dickinson Confesses He Was the Love of Her Life

Angie Dickinson, the iconic actress whose illustrious career has graced screens for over six decades, has recently unveiled a revelation that has captured the attention of fans and Hollywood alike. Now at the age of 92, Dickinson has chosen to divulge the identity of the man who held the key to her heart, the one often regarded as the love of her life: the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

Their tumultuous yet passionate romance unfolded over the course of two decades, beginning in 1953 when fate brought them together on the set of the Colgate Comedy Hour. Sinatra, drawn in by Dickinson’s allure and charisma, pursued her ardently. Despite Dickinson’s initial reservations, Sinatra’s unwavering pursuit eventually won her over, and their bond flourished.

Their magnetic on-screen chemistry was undeniable, notably showcased in the iconic film “Ocean’s 11,” where Dickinson portrayed Sinatra’s character’s wife. Their real-life relationship deepened during filming, sparking discussions of marriage. However, Dickinson hesitated to formalize their union, expressing concerns about Sinatra’s nocturnal lifestyle and her desire to maintain an amicable relationship with his former wife, Nancy.

Although she didn’t walk down the aisle with Sinatra, Dickinson’s affection and respect for him remained steadfast. She fondly reminisced about their shared experiences, marveling at his exceptional talent and the profound connection they shared. Even after marrying composer Burt Bacharach in 1965 and welcoming a daughter, Dickinson continued to hold Sinatra in high esteem.

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