My Brother Stole Attention from My Wife at My Wedding – Was I Wrong to Give Him Payback He Would Never Forget?

I never thought my family would be so disrespectful on my special day, but my retaliation now leaves me wondering if I took matters too far. Payback was sweet after I took a stand at my wedding, which left my brother and mom livid. Even though my actions highlighted their hypocrisy, all my family can focus on is my upset sister-in-law and their consequently ruined wedding day.

The situation began when my brother approached me on my wedding day with a surprising revelation. “Leonard, all these months leading up to your wedding, and especially today, had me thinking about my future with Laurel,” Andrew began. While adjusting my tie, I glanced at him in the mirror and said, “You going to pop the question soon? Never thought I’d see the day my baby brother would let himself be tied down.”

Then Andrew dropped the bombshell. “Yeah, I want to do it real soon. I don’t want to wait anymore. Today is perfect.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I glared at him, wondering if he was serious, and asked, “Are you serious? You want to ask Laurel to marry you at my wedding?” Andrew nodded, and it immediately angered me. This is my day, mine and my bride’s. “No,” I said hastily. “My wedding is not the place to advance your relationship. It’s our day, and you are not going to ruin it with any distractions.”

My brother went to our mom and complained that I didn’t want him to propose to his girlfriend at my wedding. Mom was livid and thought I was being unreasonable and petty. “Leonard, you know it’s rare that our entire family is together like this, right? How can you be so selfish? All he wants is for his family to be present for the special moment, and you don’t want him to have it,” my mother seethed.

I wasn’t going to let anyone hijack my wedding for their purposes, so I stood my ground. “I don’t care if you think I’m being selfish. This is a special day for my bride and me to spend with loved ones, celebrating OUR future – no one else’s! If Andrew even looks like he is going to propose, I will have him kicked out, do you understand?” My mom did not like my strong stance on the matter and said that if I kicked Andrew out, she would also leave my wedding. I did not want my wedding day to become a spectacle my bride would regret, so I relented but vowed to get my revenge, which came sooner than I thought.

Andrew got married to Laurel last weekend, and my payback felt rather sweet at the time. I waited until the newlyweds took to the floor for their first dance before I set my plan in motion. I walked onto the stage, grabbed the microphone from the stand, and bellowed, “Good afternoon everyone! Can I have your attention for an important announcement, please.” Beaming the widest smile I could muster, I looked at Andrew and Laurel, who had now stopped dancing and looked at me with shock. Their angry faces did not deter me; in fact, it only encouraged me to carry out my plan.

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