Brad Pitt Finds New Love After Heartbreaking Divorce At 60, And You Might Recognize Her

Brad Pitt’s New Chapter: A Look at His Relationship with Ines de Ramon
At one time, Brad Pitt was considered one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. However, those days are now behind him as he embarks on a new and exciting chapter in his personal life with Ines de Ramon.

Celebrating a Milestone

Brad Pitt recently celebrated his 60th birthday, choosing to mark the occasion with a low-key week spent with his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon. This decision highlights the significance of their relationship and their desire to enjoy this milestone together in a more intimate setting.

A New Relationship: Brad and Ines

Sources close to the couple have revealed that Ines de Ramon, the ex-wife of actor Paul Wesley, is described as “Brad’s first serious relationship since his divorce” from Angelina Jolie. This marks a new and promising phase in Pitt’s life.

“He introduces [Ines] as his girlfriend,” an insider shared with PEOPLE. “It’s wonderful to see him so happy. Ines brings a lot of joy into his life.”

Navigating Past Challenges

Brad Pitt’s journey to this point has been marked by significant personal challenges. His previous marriage to Angelina Jolie was a high-profile relationship that ended in a very public separation.

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