Man kept hearing strange noises under driveway, it led to an astounding discovery

Simon Marks’ Amazing Discovery: A Hidden WWII Air Raid Shelter in His Backyard
Simon Marks, 37, recently stumbled upon an incredible find in the house he has lived in for years. What started as a routine parking mishap turned into a fascinating adventure.

While trying to park his car, Simon got stuck on what he thought was a flowerbed. The car’s wheels started to crack the driveway, and he heard strange noises coming from beneath.

“Just my luck,” he thought, frustrated by the unexpected problem.

Upon closer inspection, Simon noticed that the pavers were cracking, revealing something unusual underneath.

As he dug away the dirt, he uncovered a metal object and realized there was more hidden beneath the surface.

Confused and intrigued, Simon called his father for help. Together, they dug through the dense mud and discovered an old, rusty ladder leading down into a hidden space.

“My dad looked at it and said it must be an air raid shelter,” Simon explained. “We did some research and found out there are several from World War II in this area.”

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