Deputy Sacrifices Himself To Save Wife, Miracle Happens Later To Them Shocks Everyone

In a heart-stopping moment of selflessness and love, a Tennessee deputy made a split-second decision that would change everything.

As he and his wife stood on the side of the road, fixing a dirt bike, a truck came hurtling towards them.

Without hesitation, he pushed his wife out of harm’s way, taking the full impact of the collision himself.

The crash was devastating, leaving both husband and wife with serious injuries. The deputy’s wife, Nicole, suffered a minor head injury and was transported to Fort Sanders, while he was rushed to the UT Medical Center with critical head injuries, requiring immediate care in the transplant intensive care unit.

Doctors placed him in a medically induced coma to stabilize him, revealing the extent of his injuries. It was then that the full extent of his bravery became clear.

As a personal friend of the couple, Lowden County Deputy Matt Fiana shared the heroic act that saved Nicole’s life.

The deputy had shoved her out of harm’s way just before the crash, potentially sacrificing his own life to save hers.

The deputy, identified as Lucas, sustained the brunt of the impact, leaving him in a critical condition.

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