Devastated Mom Wants to Adopt, Spots Girl at Adoption Agency Strikingly Similar to Her Late Daughter

After losing her five-year-old daughter, Ava, to cancer, Eleanor was devastated. Her marriage to Joseph fell apart a year later.

Overwhelmed by grief, Eleanor lost interest in her photography career and was consumed by sadness. Determined to be a mother again, she spent hours on adoption websites until she found Charlotte, who looked remarkably like Ava.

Eleanor immediately contacted Grace Adoption Services, eager to learn more about Charlotte. Samantha, the adoption agent, arranged an in-person meeting. During their conversation, Eleanor discussed her separation from Joseph and her desire to adopt.

Despite her reluctance, Samantha encouraged Eleanor to talk to Joseph about the adoption. Eleanor prepared her home for Charlotte and built a bond with the child through visits and shared activities. Eventually, Eleanor told Joseph about the adoption, and he was supportive, appreciating the joy it brought her.

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