Elvis Presley’s grandson takes the stage and shows his talent. He even looks like his legendary grandfather

Dakota Striplin makes a striking impression on the music competition show “The Voice” by claiming he is the grandson of the legendary Elvis Presley, famously dubbed “The King of Rock and Roll.” He performs a soul-stirring rendition of “Love Me Tender” that captivates both the audience and the judges, each note echoing his alleged heritage.

From the moment Dakota begins strumming his guitar and singing with his ethereal voice, the room is spellbound. One judge is so touched that she swiftly turns her chair, placing a hand over her heart, while another exclaims, needing to see the source of the captivating performance, “I have to see what’s going on here.” By the performance’s end, the judges are thoroughly impressed by his vocal and instrumental prowess.

Curious about his song choice, the judges inquire about its significance. Dakota shares that Elvis Presley has always been a significant influence, recounting how his grandmother cherished attending Elvis’s concerts.

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