Man wonders if he’s a jerk for eating burger next to vegetarian during flight

During a recent flight, an incident highlighting the complexities of dining preferences in shared spaces unfolded. The situation sparked debates about mealtime etiquette in confined environments.

A passenger shared his experience on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A*e’ thread, seeking opinions on whether his actions were justified. Here’s what transpired:

On a long journey involving an eight-hour flight with a short layover, the passenger, referred to as OP, faced limited meal options. “The first flight only served a small packet of crackers, and the second was expected to be the same. I had just enough time during my connection to dash from one gate to another. Fortunately, I managed to buy a meal before boarding— a burger, fries, and a drink,” OP explained.

He confirmed with the gate agent that bringing food onboard was permissible. However, trouble arose mid-flight when he began to eat. “As soon as I started eating, the woman next to me complained about the smell of my burger and fries because she doesn’t consume meat or fried foods, claiming it made her feel ill,” OP recounted.

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