He’s Ungodly and Woke”: Guy Fieri Throws Tom Hanks Out Of His Restaurant

In a twist worthy of a surreal comedy sketch, Guy Fieri, the flamboyant host of Flavortown, reportedly asked none other than America’s beloved actor, Tom Hanks, to leave one of his diners. The reason? Fieri deemed Hanks as “ungodly and woke.” Let’s delve into this peculiar gastronomic clash that’s causing a stir.

Picture this: Tom Hanks, the enduring Hollywood icon known for his portrayals of the everyday man in turmoil, steps into a Guy Fieri establishment, possibly craving a classic American meal. Meanwhile, Fieri, the exuberant chef and TV personality with his trademark spiky hair and sunglasses, is behind the counter, ready to serve up his bold and flavorful creations.

As Hanks settles in, perhaps anticipating a plate of Fieri’s famous Trash Can Nachos, things take a bizarre turn. Fieri, upon spotting Hanks, approaches the table and, in a move that defies all norms of hospitality, labels Hanks as “ungodly and woke,” declaring him unfit for Flavortown’s hallowed halls.

Fieri’s accusation of “ungodly and woke” against Hanks seems like a contradiction of monumental proportions. After all, Hanks is renowned for his wholesome image and genuine kindness both on and off screen. How did Hanks earn this peculiar title in the realm of Flavortown? Was it his portrayal of morally upright characters, or perhaps his reputation for humility and decency?

Now, let’s inject some additional humor into this already absurd scenario. In this alternate reality, Tom Hanks isn’t just an actor; he’s a clandestine culinary critic, infamous for his impossibly high standards and sophisticated palate. He’s the nightmare of every diner and dive, with tastes so refined that even the most indulgent dishes fail to satisfy him.

Returning to our diner drama, bewildered patrons watch as Fieri, the self-appointed defender of hearty cuisine, escorts Hanks out. The scene is a blend of perplexed stares and abandoned meals, as diners struggle to make sense of the spectacle unfolding before them.

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