My Son’s Wedding Turned out to Be a Nightmare after the Maid-of-Honor’s Speech

Linda was confident she had instilled good values in her son, Connor. He was on the brink of marrying a lovely girl, and together they had ambitious plans for a joint business venture. Little did she anticipate that a single speech from the maid of honor would shatter her son’s image.

As a mother, Linda prided herself on avoiding the pitfalls of overbearing parenting or the stereotypes of modern “boy moms” often seen on the internet. She raised Connor to respect women, the elderly, and to stand up for the vulnerable, and he grew into a gentleman.

When Connor introduced his girlfriend, Carrie, Linda welcomed her warmly. Carrie seemed like an ordinary girl, living modestly despite her family’s wealth. Linda admired Carrie’s humility and assumed she was adept at saving money.

However, during a meeting with Carrie’s parents, Linda learned the truth. Carrie’s family was affluent, but they had an agreement with her to support her only if she pursued entrepreneurship. They promised to fund her dream wedding and future business endeavors.

Connor, who harbored dreams of starting a tech company, saw this as an opportunity. Carrie, supportive of his vision, suggested meeting with investors after the wedding. Linda was thrilled to see them planning their future together.

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