I Overheard My Future MIL Saying Disgusting Things about Me – She Didn’t Know She Would Regret It on Our Wedding Day

I once thought my future mother-in-law was loving and supportive of my relationship with her son. However, she had been pretending from the very beginning! My story is one of deceit, lies, and ultimately, standing up for myself with my new husband’s support.

I, Joana, 34, was eagerly anticipating marrying the man of my dreams, my fiancé Leo, 35. We had been together for two blissful years and were finally preparing for our big day. However, I didn’t anticipate his family trying to come between us.

Here’s what happened. I woke up feeling unwell one morning and decided to call in sick to work. My plan was to stay home and recover. Since Leo had already left for his job, I texted him: “Hi babe, I hope you’re having a good morning. I woke up feeling under the weather and decided to stay home.

I already called in sick, so please bring me lunch if you can. I love you!” I remember the day clearly. Leo surprised me by arriving at our apartment during his lunch break! I thought he had read my message and brought me food. In my excitement, I was about to go out of the bedroom to thank him for coming to check on me when I heard other voices.

My fiancé had come over with my future mother-in-law (MIL) and sister-in-law (SIL). From their conversation, it seemed they had come over to pick something up during Leo’s lunch break. Leo didn’t look for me when he arrived, which made me realize he hadn’t read my text and didn’t know I was home. “You guys wait here, let me go and throw this trash out, and then we can go,” he said as he emptied the bin and went outside.

The moment he went out the door, his mother and sister began criticizing me! They mocked everything from my kitchen decor to my personal style! “Who chooses such colors for a kitchen?” my future SIL laughed. “Never mind the kitchen, what about the way she looks?” my future MIL added, laughing as well. “She’s not a good fit for Leo,” she commented, saying hurtful things about me.

Lying in bed, I seethed with shock and anger! I couldn’t believe the disdain they harbored for me. Quietly, I reached for the old dictaphone on my nightstand and pressed record because my phone was dead. Every harsh word, every cruel laugh was captured without their knowledge. I was deeply hurt! I didn’t know they felt this way about me. Every time we conversed, they were kind and supportive. They’d even offered to help with wedding planning!

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