Jennifer Garner ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Amid the high-profile romance of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner has been discreetly seeing John Miller, a businessman far removed from the Hollywood glare.

Following her 2018 divorce from Ben Affleck, Garner’s relationship with Miller has been notably private. The couple has chosen a low-key path, starkly different from the constant media attention that often accompanies celebrity relationships.

Here’s a closer look at the man who has won Garner’s heart. John Miller, born in 1978, is both an attorney and a businessman. He serves as the CEO of CaliBurger and its parent company, CaliGroup. His previous roles include Vice President of Intellectual Property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.

Miller was married to violinist Caroline Campbell until 2014 and shares two children with her. Since then, he has maintained a relationship with Garner, characterized by their preference to avoid the spotlight.

Contrary to the vibrant public life of her ex-husband and Lopez, Garner and Miller enjoy their privacy. “She appreciates how little he cares about fame or the typical Hollywood scene,” a source told Us Weekly. This sentiment was echoed by friends of the couple, noting their contentment with a simple, unassuming lifestyle.

The couple had a brief separation from August 2020 to Spring 2021 but have since reconciled strongly. They relish in quiet getaways and value their time together without needing the validation of public appearances.

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