Waitress Leaves ‘Snarky’ Message On Cop’s Receipt, Gets Fired Let’s See Why

A restaurant server found herself in hot water after writing a provocative message on a receipt for a police officer dining at Happy Camper, a pizza restaurant in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. The message, which read “quit your job,” was not well-received by the officer, who felt so uncomfortable that he disposed of his $66 meal, fearing it had been tampered with.

The incident unfolded after the officer, in full uniform, ordered a meal including a 14-inch pepperoni pizza, blackened chicken Caesar salad, mozzarella breadsticks, and more. Despite the server, identified only as Cassie C., receiving a tip, her message led to severe consequences.

A friend of the officer took to Facebook to express their dismay, arguing that while everyone is entitled to their own views, expressing them in a professional setting is inappropriate.

The post quickly gained traction on social media, prompting the restaurant to take swift action. By the following Monday, Happy Camper had terminated Cassie C.’s employment, stating that the restaurant works hard to provide a positive experience for all customers and that they have zero tolerance for any behavior that disrespects their patrons.

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