Mom Posts Pic of Her Breastfeeding in Costco and Finally Responds to Backlash

In our society, controversy is no stranger. What works for some may not work for others, yet almost everyone has a strong opinion on the “right way” to do things. One topic that has sparked a wide range of opinions is breastfeeding, particularly in public, and a recent photo shared by one woman stirred up mixed feedback.

Breastfeeding is a crucial aspect of ensuring a baby’s nourishment and offers numerous benefits, including fostering a strong emotional bond between mother and child and promoting a healthy immune system. However, breastfeeding in public can make some people uncomfortable or even angry for various reasons.

Trinati, an Instagram user with over 7,000 followers, posted a photo in 2017 of herself breastfeeding her daughter inside a Costco. She emphasized her commitment to feeding her 17-month-old wherever they may be, never hesitating to provide for her children, even in public settings.

Trinati explained that she asked her son to take the photo because she wanted to capture the lengths to which mothers go to care for their children, regardless of the circumstances.

Despite facing criticism and jokes from both strangers and loved ones, she remains undeterred in her decision to breastfeed for as long as her daughter needs.

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