One Day He Found His Wife

One afternoon, a man returns home from work earlier than expected to find his wife lying on the bed, visibly distressed. Confused by her condition, he asks, “What’s wrong, dear?”

Her response comes out hesitantly, “I… I think something might be wrong with my health.” Concerned, the husband immediately rushes to offer support.

As he hurries downstairs to fetch help, his son Johnny bursts into tears, adding to the tension.

“Dad, something’s wrong,” Johnny cries.

“What is it, son?” the father asks, trying to understand.

“Uncle James is in the closet, Dad… without any clothes,” Johnny sobs.

Feeling a mix of concern and frustration, the man races back upstairs to find his brother, James, in an unexpected state.

“James, what are you doing?” the man asks incredulously. “My priority is to ensure my wife’s well-being, and your actions are causing unnecessary distress to our family.”

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