Our Granddaughter Accused Us of Being Cheap after Getting Our Wedding Present

My husband and I recently encountered a challenging situation with our granddaughter Eloise regarding her wedding gift. Eloise was upset with us for giving her what she perceived as a cheap present and threatened to cut us off from her life. Here’s the backstory:

We have a tradition of giving each of our grandchildren a check for $40,000 the day before their wedding, in addition to a small gift from their registry. This tradition has been well-received by our other grandchildren, who understand the importance of family and respect. However, when Eloise received an air fryer from us, she was furious and accused us of being cheap.

Despite her initial reaction, we still bought her a China set, hoping to appease her. However, we decided against giving her the $40,000, feeling that her behavior did not warrant such a generous gift.

Eloise later discovered that we had given the money to her siblings and cousins on their wedding days, leading to accusations of discrimination.

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