Wife Sees Pretty Girl Handing Her Husband a Note ‘Thanks for Last Night’

Denise’s suspicions are aroused when a stunning woman hands her husband, Mitch, a thank-you note at a bar.

Shortly after, she receives a video showing Mitch with the woman, prompting Denise to seek evidence of his infidelity. However, her quest leads to the discovery of a darker secret.

Denise and Mitch, accompanied by their friends Tony, Tina, and Greg, are at a bar where Mitch boasts about his classic car restoration skills. Despite financial struggles related to their auto repair shop, Denise remains silent.

When Mitch receives a note from the woman, Denise reads it aloud, revealing a suspicious message. Mitch dismisses it as a prank, but a video on Denise’s phone confirms his betrayal.

Confronting the woman, Denise gives chase but fails to catch her. The next day, she investigates Mitch’s finances, only to uncover his involvement in criminal activities.

Confronting Mitch at the auto shop, Denise secretly records his conversation with a suspicious character, revealing his dangerous dealings.

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