Remember Tiger Wood’s ex-wife? Here is Elin Nordegren’s new Iife today

It was recently revealed that Tiger Woods had back surgery.

While we wish him a speedy recovery, it’s hard to forget the shocking scandal that occurred almost a decade ago.

Despite the current scandals making headlines, no one can forget the drama surrounding Tiger Woods’ infidelity in November 2009.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren had two children together, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. They had been married for about five years when news of Tiger’s infidelity surfaced shortly after Charlie’s birth. This revelation caused the collapse of his golf career and marriage.

The scandal was extremely embarrassing as Tiger was revealed to be a serial cheater with affairs involving over 100 women. Among them was Rachel Uchitel, with whom he even arranged a phone conversation to convince his wife the scandal was untrue.

In August 2010, Tiger and Elin divorced. For many, repeating such a mistake is unforgivable. With two children and a beautiful Swedish wife, it was baffling what could drive him to cheat.

Although Nordegren was only thirty at the time of her divorce, the settlement was substantial. A year later, she used part of the $100 million settlement to buy a multimillion-dollar mansion in North Palm Beach, which she recently sold for just under $29 million to Russell Weiner of Rockstar Energy Drink.

It’s heartening to know that Elin found love again and learned to trust another man. She was romantically involved with Chris Cline, a multibillionaire coal magnate and philanthropist. Although Tiger loves golf, Cline was quite an upgrade! Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2017, and Cline tragically passed away in a helicopter crash on July 4, 2019.

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